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About Us

Our Background

Tunedly Records and Publishing is part of the innovative music production and collaboration platform Tunedly. As an innovative marketplace that connects songwriters and other music creators with world-class session musicians, we naturally help a lot of music creators realize their goal of producing music at the highest standard. As of 2019, we completed over 4,000 projects with songwriters and music creators in all genres. By doing so, we hear a lot of music and the next natural step was to help music creators get their music published.

Who We Are

Chris Erhardt, CEO


Chris Erhardt is a passionate entrepreneur and the co-founder of Tunedly. He took Tunedly through two nationally recognized business accelerators since inception. 

Mylene Besancon, CMO


Mylene Besancon is a branding specialist and the mastermind behind behind the Tunedly brand. She has been named a "Limit-Breaking Female Founder". 

Marc Rubin, CTO


Marc Rubin is a tech veteran with over 25 years experience in multiple technical roles. He is behind Tunedly's technology and web development.

Mathew Knowles, Advisor


Mathew Knowles is a music industry executive, talent manager and business person. He is best known for managing Destiny's Child and his daughter Beyonce's career. 

Harvey Mason Jr., Advisor


Harvey Mason Jr. is a record producer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. His credits include Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and many more. 

Contact Us

Please note, the above A&R submission is only for performing artists who are looking for distribution and/or label support. Songwriters who would like to be considered for a publishing deal can submit their music exclusively through Tunedly.com.